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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha Santa Rosa

Kombucha is a beverage produced by fermenting sweetened tea with a “SCOBY,” a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.  Kombucha fermentation breaks down sucrose into fructose and glucose, which feed the yeast, which feed the bacteria!  Click on the above image to zoom in on the chart which explains the difference in sugars.

The health benefits of Kombucha come from the acids derived from the fermentation process.  Gluconacetobacter kombuchae is an anaerobic bacteria unique to Kombucha.  It feeds on nitrogen found in tea and produces acetic acid and gluconic acid, both of which have shown positive anti-microbial results in labs.

Here at Juice On The Square we make some of the best tasting Kombucha and Jun in Sonoma County offered plain or flavored with our Cold-Pressed Juice. The only difference between Kombucha and Jun is that Jun is made with local honey instead of organic cane sugar.  Both are amazing.

Contact us about learning how to make your own at home or call to schedule a private class.  We also offer group classes as well here at the Juicery.  It’s best to book two weeks in advance for your group.  Private indoor and outdoor seating on a dog friendly patio available.  Classes will be help after Juicery closes during normal hours so block times would need to be set Monday thru Saturday after 2:00pm.  We are located at 1305 Cleveland Avenue, Suite B, Santa Rosa, CA.

WesWe Make Our Own Kombucha & Jun