Cold-Pressed Juicery Santa Rosa, CA

Juice Bar & Cafe, Santa Rosa, CA
Cold-Press Juicery in Santa Rosa, CA.  Drop by and watch us press our juice.  Why not make it in front of you!  Don’t you want to know when it was made?  Lots of cold-pressed juice and nutmilks to choose from as well as organic salad, oatmeal and soups.

The only cold-press juicery in Santa Rosa.
Always fresh, raw and organic!

Santa Rosa Juice Bar & Cafe Hours
Monday – Friday 8 am -6:00 pm
Saturday 8 am-5:00 pm
Sunday – 9 am -5:00 pm – no deliveries

FREE Delivery:
3 juice minimum in Santa Rosa; any deliveries outside of Santa Rosa and within Sonoma County requires a 6 bottle minimum. Call for delivery hours. (707) 800-7953

Juice On The Square, Santa Rosa, CA

WesCold-Pressed Juicery Santa Rosa, CA